Traffic Management

Trafsys has amassed unique Traffic Management expertise and has served for nearly 30 years as a consultant in this field for different organizations, including the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Trafvision is a powerful modular system for efficient control and monitoring of traffic and systems in tunnels and on roads and bridges. The system is scalable, easy to use and offers considerable scope for customization to suit specific requirements. The use of open, expansion-friendly components creates a future-proof, cost-effective system.

Trafvision gives the user a transparent, accurate overview of the traffic situation through status notifications and alerts from a series of different roadside data collection, detection and communications systems, such as video, radar and emergency telephony systems along with fire alarms and systems for gathering weather data. In the event of critical disruptions, the operator has access to predefined emergency plans and functions that make it possible to reroute traffic quickly using signals, barriers, variable signs, voice break-ins for radio broadcasts, emergency lighting and other local systems. This means that the consequences of a disruption can be minimized or even completely averted.

Since 1999, Trafsys system engineers have been developing Trafvision continuously in close cooperation with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, which uses the system to manage over 450 tunnels, bridges and mountain passes in Norway.

We can also offer other industrial control and monitoring systems that are available on the market, such as WinCC OA and local systems for controlling variable signs, barriers, fans or lighting, for example, with the option to implement automatic safety functions.