Traffic Management

Trafsys has for more than 30 years delivered solutions for monitoring and controlling road traffic. The Trafvision system has been developed since 1999 through a cooperation with the Norwegian Public Road Administration. The solution is currently used to control and monitor more than 450 tunnels, bridges and mountain passes in Norway. The solution is also used by other actors, e.g. Mesta and Nye Veier.

Trafvision collects data from a range of systems along the road, including video, radar, telephony, weather and fire-detection systems. Operators are immediately notified through status updates and alarms. The solution contains functionality for decision support which enables operators to quickly redirect traffic by controlling signals, barriers, signs, radio messages and emergency lights.

We can also deliver other off-the-shelf industrial control- and monitoring systems, such as WinCC OA, and local PLC control systems with automatic safety functionality controlling for example variable message signs, boom barriers, ventilators and lighting.