About Trafsys

About the company

Trafsys is a leading Nordic knowledge company that develops and supplies Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) based on advanced information and communications technologies (ICT). The company has been active in the industry for more than 30 years and has delivered solutions for hundreds of complex installations in tunnels and on roads.

Thanks to our highly trained and committed workforce, we can offer specialist competence in automation, software development, system integration and ICT. We have a unique ability to understand the needs of our customers and translate them into innovative, smart system solutions aimed at improving traffic safety and flow as well as reducing the environmental impact of the transport network.






We offer a broad spectrum of products, systems and services spanning all levels of the information chain:

  1. Roadside surveillance, detection and control systems both in tunnels and on roads/railways and bridges
  2. Real-time processing, analysis and visualization of data collected
  3. Central operator solutions and graphical interfaces for control and monitoring of traffic as well as operational management of different transportation systems
  4. Communications infrastructure to enable reliable, secure communication by video, voice and data in real time between local and central systems

Our product portfolio includes systems for control and monitoring of traffic at both central and roadside level, Automatic Incident Detection (AID) based on video, thermal, radar or distributed fiber optic sensing technology, video surveillance (CCTV), emergency telephones, radio communications, data communications and traffic information. We can offer systems that have been developed in house as well as solutions based on well-proven, industry-leading third-party systems and products.

Thanks to our core competences and the broad scope of our product and service offering, we can develop complete, customized solutions with the objective of creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We have experience of all the different project phases from the initial analysis, planning, design and programming to installation, integration, commissioning, customer support and maintenance of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Trafsys has supplied equipment for more than 300 tunnels, including the world’s longest road tunnel – the 24-kilometer-long Lærdal Tunnel in Norway. In the process, we have developed the unique competence and skills required to design safety-critical solutions for tunnels.

Trafsys is headquartered in Bergen, Norway. This is also the location of its sister company Norphonic AS (www.norphonic.no), which specializes in telephone systems for heavy duty environments. Trafsys AB is located in Stockholm and Örebro and serves Sweden and international markets.



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