Trafsys has solid competence in information and communications technology (ICT). This means that we are able to design robust and secure communications networks, connecting the various elements of the Intelligent Transportation Systems, which can withstand exposure to extreme environmental conditions.

Emergency roadside telephones (ERT)

Via its sister company Norphonic, Trafsys develops and supplies market-leading, IP-based emergency telephones for heavy duty environments, including in tunnels and along roads. The telephones conform to international safety standards and are of sturdy design as well as being dust- and waterproof in conformity with IP65. We can integrate the telephones into existing IP networks or deliver a complete telephony solution including switches, routers, PBX and ISDN gateways.

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Data communications

Trafsys has wide experience in engineering, design and delivery of networking solutions in the transport sector. Networks are crucial infrastructure, requiring careful selection of products and solutions.

We are not committed to specific vendors or products and will work with our customers in choosing the optimal networking solutions and products for each project, ensuring easy commissioning and maintenance.

We can deliver cost effective redundant solutions for small networks where this is required.

In large, complex systems we design networks using redundant routers. The backbone is designed with dynamic routing to ensure redundancy in case of a failure. Networks are designed with redundant sub-rings and power-supplies to ensure capacity for complex AID systems and future extensions.

In critical systems uptime, cyber security and lifetime cost are important factors. Trafsys delivers high value on all three.

Radio systems and telecommunication networks

Trafsys has designed, engineered and delivered DAB coverage to more than 50 road tunnels in Norway.

Among the projects we have successfully delivered are the Lærdal tunnel (24km) and Ryfast, Norway’s by far largest DAB installation in tunnels with 4 DAB ensembles, 4 tunnels, 7 tunnel tubes and 4 ramps for a total of 50km of road tunnels.

Our radio systems are designed and developed for cost effective and easy installation. The systems are compact and modular, ensuring low cost for operation and maintenance.

We take care of the entire process: design, integration with SCADA systems, commission, testing, measurement reports, operations, maintenance etc.

Configuration, event logs, audio logs and measurements are available through a web interface. Configuration and log data are stored in a database that can be exported to external systems for safekeeping.

The system supports SIP, RTP, SNMP, Modbus TCP, http/https etc.

Trafsys AS cooperates closely with Trafsys AB, which also develops and delivers radio systems. Trafsys AB in addition to DAB offers FM, VHF, UHF, mobile and TETRA solutions.

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Traffic information

We are also able to offer systems for reliably disseminating critical information or guidance to road users on the move. These systems range from simpler variable signs to large, full-graphics traffic information displays and radio voice break-in systems.