Our services

We have experts with specialist skills and extensive experience in various fields within Intelligent Transportation Systems who can offer different types of services, either directly related to our project deliveries or in the form of independent consultancy and advisory services.

Our deliveries normally include installation, testing and commissioning of intelligent transport systems, performed by our own employees or by trusted contractors. We also perform service and maintenance on the systems and offer training for our customers.

We also offer various consulting services such as:

  • Analysis of existing control systems in order to optimize the solutions.
  • Design and development of traffic control and monitoring solutions for both new plants and plants that are due for upgrades.
  • Services for electronic entrepreneurs, including project management, fault checking and interface definition between electronics and automation.
  • Drawing and commissioning of automation and control cabinets. We work with high quality switchboard builders in Norway and Europe and can offer complete solutions.

We have many reference projects where we have contributed to projecting of control and monitoring systems and system solutions in the transport sector.