Trafsys has over time build unique knowledge in the domain of monitoring and controlling real-time processes. Trafvision is a powerful modularized solution for effective monitoring and control. The solution is scalable, easy to use and can be readily adapted to customer specific needs. Using open standards and scalable components lead to a cost effective and future-proof solution.

Trafvision gives users an easy to understand and correct view of the current situation through status messages and alarms from a range of data collection and detection systems. When events occur the system assists operators in making appropriate decisions and implementing them quickly, minimizing the chance of events having serious consequences.

The solution collects and stores data from all sensors, making the data history available for reporting and data analysis. This enables quick analysis of data changes leading up to an event, enabling optimization of service and maintenance routines in order to avoid unwanted events in the future.

Trafsys delivers IoT solutions to our customers based on the TrafVision platform:   


  • Digital Twin that represents the state and configuration of the process equipment. Monitors, controls and manages real time data from the field.

  • Live video streaming from cameras in the field. Tailored for multicast of cameras from locations with limited bandwidth. Supports multi-camera view, video carousel, recording of video streams and optional anonymisation.

  • Data collected by TrafMon is stored in a time-series database which enables further analysis of events and operations. TrafSight provides analysis and insight into historical data and is a valuable tool in tuning and optimizing plant operations.

  • TrafTools are used to configure the digital twin data model and set up graphical representations of the controlled objects. All graphical representations are rendered in a web browser, enabling end-users to log on from any location.

  • TrafCon are a set of tools enabling fast and reliable communication with IoT devices. We provide a variety of protocols for communication, ensuring that TrafVision can interact with most commercially available IoT devices.

The TrafVision solution is a multi-platform solution. It can be run on-prem or with any major cloud provider. The software is also offered as a service, where all cloud infrastructure is handled by Trafsys and the various components are made available online to the customer. Trafsys is a Microsoft partner and recommend Azure IoT as cloud platform for your IoT applications.