Evacsound Flekkerøy

Following a successful innovation project with the Norwegian Public Road Administration, Trafsys has contracted with Agder Fylkeskommune to deliver the evacuation system Evacsound to the Flekkerøy tunnel.

Evacsound is an audiovisual tunnel evacuation system designed to make emergency evacuation of tunnels faster and safer in the event of a fire. Using directed audio- and light signals, the system leads persons away from the fire and towards the nearest emergency exit.

Tests of Evacsound performed by SINTEF in the Runehamar tunnel show the system to be very helpful in assisting efficient evacuation during a fire. Read more about Evacsound here:

In the Flekkerøy tunnel, which in addition to normal traffic will also be used by pedestrians and cyclists, three emergency halls will be excavated to make room for pressurised containers. These containers will be used as safe evacuation rooms for people unable to evacuate the tunnel during a fire. Evacsound will be used to guide people to the nearest pressurised container or exit.

Trafsys also has contracted with OneCo Infra to deliver the tunnel’s control system which will be replaced during upgrades required to comply with tunnel safety regulations.