Surveillance & detection

We can design and deliver reliable smart systems for video surveillance (ITV) and Automatic Incident Detection (AID) and integrate these into higher-level traffic management systems.

Video surveillance (CCTV)

Trafsys offers cost-effective, scalable video solutions including IP cameras, robust camera housings, video screens, remote surveillance software and a range of accessories for effective surveillance of traffic and roadside transportation systems.

Automatic Incident Detection (AID)

We offer complete AID systems based on video, thermal, radar or distributed fiber optic sensing technology (Trafsense), or the best possible combination of different technologies. Trafsense is our new, highly cost-effective, long-range Road Monitoring System.  

Not only do these systems reduce the risk of serious traffic accidents, but they also minimize consequential damage. To achieve a high level of reliability and precision, our engineers can design and engineer AID systems based on an optimal combination and positioning of different sensor types, which can be fine-tuned to meet specific detection requirements. 

These systems utilize advanced analyis for rapid detection of various types of traffic disruptions. Examples of incidents and events that automatically generate an alarm are traffic accidents, fires, fallen objects, pedestrians, stopped vehicle, wrong-way drivers (“ghost drivers”) or queue formation.