Successful tunnel projects in Oslo and Uddevalla

We are pleased to read this summer's positive statements, made by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Swedish Transport Administration, regarding two tunnel projects where Trafsys, as a subcontractor to Mesta Elektro AS and Bravida Sverige AB, respectively, was responsible for the design, delivery, integration, testing and commissioning of a number of intelligent transportation systems.

In Norway, Trafsys has supplied control systems, switchboards and emergency telephones as well as automatic incident detection (AID) and surveillance (CCTV) systems in connection with the modernization of the Ekeberg and Svartdal tunnels in Oslo. All the systems have now been handed over to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) well in line with the project plan. According to, the management team of NPRA is very satisfied with the project's implementation and good cooperation with contractors and consulting engineers.

In Sweden, Trafsys’ undertaking was the delivery and integration of technical systems for the Uddevalla tunnels on the west coast, including the SCADA and PLC-based control systems, and systems for automatic incident detection (AID), surveillance (CCTV) and emergency telephony. During an interview in the local newspaper Bohuslänningen, the Swedish Transport Administration's project manager says that the level of safety in the tunnels is now very high. He is also pleased with the good cooperation they have had with involved contractors, which among other things has made it possible to open the tunnels earlier than planned.